My Feelings, Poetry

The love I have for you

Whatever the season.

My love will never change. The love I have for you. Will be an everlasting love. I will be forever true. I hold you in the sunlight.

Fly you to the moon. To kiss upon each star. We will not leave too soon.

I watch your ship come sailing in. I feel you in my heart. Come near, stay with me. As the waves depart.

The love I have for you. Is a gift from heaven. You are in my heart, forever in my soul.

Let us never part. How could I live without you. When my hair caresses the breeze. I feel you, You are all I am,

Your love is all I need.


Passion kiss

I’m not dangerous really. I am the kind of girl, that gives a smile away. And I don’t mind, if you share one too.

Cause I’m just fun like that. Wisdom, is an acquired taste to some. Yes, I know that’s true and I take everything to heart.

I do. But sometimes, you talk way too much and I think you forget what I want. Gaze into my eyes, if you wish hold me tight, within your embrace.

If you love feeling my body that close. I don’t care much for glamour and beauty. So come on love. Just shut up and kiss me.


To love again

Love use to be only a word to me. Nothing more than that you would show me. It could be more than that to me.

If I would let you in. I was hesitant at first about letting someone back in again. You would show me how very beautiful love can be.

When we have someone to share it with. I was afraid to admit to myself, that I could love someone again.

The more I come to know you, the more I knew I could. I thought I have forgotten how to love someone again, you show me that I was wrong.

No one has love me as deeply as you have you would show me. How beautiful love can be,

when we have someone to share it with.


Clouded Sunshine

It is so unfair, the single sided longing.

When memories fade. Like pictures shared on blank paper.

One person sending out thoughts. Being ignored by the other.

As unintelligible gibberish. Memories cherished by one. Worthless to the other.

Like an ionic bond. With the exchange undone. What one gave up. For the other to attain.

Rejected out of arrogance. No longer an equal equation. Now both have the longing.

Neither possesses the hope to fulfill. For no person is a concept. And love is not just a form.

To be defined in a coupling. Those faded memories. Lasting impressions.

Unrecognizable marks. Leaving the viewer in a quandary. Saddened with the understanding.

Something is missing, stolen.

But cannot be remembered completely. So it is always missed.

Because it can never again be found.



We are the nation.

Who will be responsible. For the re-creation.

Of this place in which we live for, to the children. A future we must give, help them to see.

The beauty all around them, Help them to stay safe. Free of trouble, strife and mayhem.

The children must be educated. To love each other. To put a stop to hatred, that which kills our youth.

In every hour of every day. Bigotry, racism or just stupidity, Call it what you may.

Tell the children the truth.

No matter how softly it is said. Violence equals ignorance.

Both will leave you dead.


My Promise to you

What happened to the days….?

What happened to the days when you reached for me, not for lack of warmth or you felt there was something wrong but for closeness and love.

What happened to the days when we played together and made love then fell asleep in each others arms.

How I long for the days when the passion and desire in your eyes burned of the brightest suns.

I feel these forgotten days getting closer and it feels my heart with hope.

The road we are on is the road less traveled these days.

Because of the tremendous obstacles to overcome built from all the hurtful memories of harsh words and terrible shameful actions, we have both put each other through.

Most people don’t get as far as you and I have down this road less traveled, they don’t get to make it past forgiveness and redemption.

They don’t learn the way to build a new foundation for a budding relationship made of unwavering Trust, Understanding and Love.

Lover I want to make a promise to you, a promise of my undying love, devotion and faithfulness.

Lover I promise to you to never stop trying, to never stop reaching and to never stop loving.

Lover I promise to you that I will always have an open mind, open ears and an open heart.

Lover I promise to you to always be there for you, for you have my mind, you have my body and you have my soul.

Lover I promise to always be willing to learn more about you, to always be willing to listen to you, to always be willing to grow with you.

Lover I promise for you there is nothing I will not doLover this is my promise to you.


Handing you the Moon

My darling tonight we chase your dreams

so don’t plan on being alone,

we’re going to create some magic

claim the moon and the stars as our own.

Tonight the moon is yours as well as all the stars,

I’ve already started making wishes

we’ll view the night in each others arms.

Granting wishes were made for this night

the time dreams are meant to come true,

I plan on putting the stars in your eyes

then handing you the moon.