Passion kiss

I’m not dangerous really. I am the kind of girl, that gives a smile away. And I don’t mind, if you share one too.

Cause I’m just fun like that. Wisdom, is an acquired taste to some. Yes, I know that’s true and I take everything to heart.

I do. But sometimes, you talk way too much and I think you forget what I want. Gaze into my eyes, if you wish hold me tight, within your embrace.

If you love feeling my body that close. I don’t care much for glamour and beauty. So come on love. Just shut up and kiss me.


To love again

Love use to be only a word to me. Nothing more than that you would show me. It could be more than that to me.

If I would let you in. I was hesitant at first about letting someone back in again. You would show me how very beautiful love can be.

When we have someone to share it with. I was afraid to admit to myself, that I could love someone again.

The more I come to know you, the more I knew I could. I thought I have forgotten how to love someone again, you show me that I was wrong.

No one has love me as deeply as you have you would show me. How beautiful love can be,

when we have someone to share it with.

My Feelings

New love

A New love, young love, Fresh and in bud! Exciting! Heart racingly so, though uncertain, exciting still.

A Breathless love Full of longing. Eagerness to be together. Reluctance to part.

Hand touching hand. Pulse raising! Heart full of love. Head full of doubt.

Do they feel as I? Am I just a fool?Will our love last? Will it blossom and grow? Will it bare fruit? Or wither on the vine.

My Feelings

Take my hand

Had you ever taken my hand. we could have made so many plans, still your memory never left. you’re the one I can’t forget. When I was far away. I thought of you everyday, my love waited for only you. you’re the one I can’t forget. Others came my way offering a love that was true, but each had one major flaw. Their love wasn’t the love of you. Maybe some day. You’ll say you understand.

But till the day you take my hand. You’re the one I can’t forget. No one will ever replace the love that waits for you.

My Feelings

Because of you

I know what it is to be desired and to be wanted too, and I will know the warmth of true love is because of your feeling for me. My love for you thirst to know so much more how can I put it into words the way my heart feels for you. Hear my words know my heart and I will know yours from your words as well. Lay with me in my bed face to face to know the warmth of my body let me come to know the warmth of your body too, meet my lips with yours to know the intimate of our true feelings we have for one another.


Clouded Sunshine

It is so unfair, the single sided longing.

When memories fade. Like pictures shared on blank paper.

One person sending out thoughts. Being ignored by the other.

As unintelligible gibberish. Memories cherished by one. Worthless to the other.

Like an ionic bond. With the exchange undone. What one gave up. For the other to attain.

Rejected out of arrogance. No longer an equal equation. Now both have the longing.

Neither possesses the hope to fulfill. For no person is a concept. And love is not just a form.

To be defined in a coupling. Those faded memories. Lasting impressions.

Unrecognizable marks. Leaving the viewer in a quandary. Saddened with the understanding.

Something is missing, stolen.

But cannot be remembered completely. So it is always missed.

Because it can never again be found.