My Feelings

Unfolding Dreams

Unfolding dreams is what young folks do. Nonchalantly they are passing through. Following their dreams, they have high hopes.

Over each hill, they grab hold to the ropes. Loves unfolding dream is their greatest goal. Depending on one love to be their soulmate.

Is this union not what a man or woman works for all their live? No one can complain, if they have true love.

God joins two as one. Let no man put asunder. Love like this is the world’s great number . Over the wonders of the world, love is awesome.

Vehemently, two join as one in God`s love kingdom. Everlasting love, they will be able to overcome.

My Feelings


Your kisses make me quiver my love. Your whispers are sweet music to my ears. They give grace to a my happy heart. Like the dew to roses in a misty morning.

My Feelings


Without You. Without you my life is incomplete. Without you I cannot rest. I wait for you to call each day. You are my missing piece.

Though so far away. Without you my eyes cannot see. Without you how can the day be light. How can I dream in dark of night. I look for you in falling stars. Please say you love me still. That my heart is in your arms.

Without you my soul is fast asleep. Wake me, my dearest one. Only you can bring life back to me. Without you, life is not the same. I look for you in sunshine and in rain. Do you see me here.

You are my great love. Come to me, my dear. Without you, I cannot be myself. Without you, I cannot feel the wind. I dream of you and all that we have been and will be.

My Feelings

Special Love

You and I have a very special love. A love that we have had long before we laid eyes on each other.

We have a true love, a love that will be a truthful love until the end of time. You and I have a bonding love, a bond that cannot be broken by anything or anyone.

We have a wonderful love, so wonderful that no matter what comes our way we can handle it.

We also have a deep love, the deepest love that goes beyond the bottomless floor of the ocean. We have held for each other.

My Feelings

To your love

To your love

My heart doesn’t believe. Love is so special. In my heart. There is always love for you. Whether if you are not here.

Or you’re far away from here, But still I have your love in my heart. Your love means everything to me Everyday I wake up, I smile through your love.

To your love in my heart. Your love is always there. In my heart. To your love.

My Feelings, Poetry

The love I have for you

Whatever the season.

My love will never change. The love I have for you. Will be an everlasting love. I will be forever true. I hold you in the sunlight.

Fly you to the moon. To kiss upon each star. We will not leave too soon.

I watch your ship come sailing in. I feel you in my heart. Come near, stay with me. As the waves depart.

The love I have for you. Is a gift from heaven. You are in my heart, forever in my soul.

Let us never part. How could I live without you. When my hair caresses the breeze. I feel you, You are all I am,

Your love is all I need.